Welcome to Draper Farms Headquarters

Coming onto the farm, one might think there's nothing too unusual about this place. But, once you step through the doors, your perception might change a bit.

Draper Farms is officially an unofficial historical private museum of sorts. With a wide collection of antique and unique items, the inside of this building is a feast for the eyes. From a 1928 Model A Ford to antique cameras, owner Jimmie Draper has been collecting items for over 40 years.

People from all over come to see this amazing collection. Anything obtained for the museum has a permanent home here, because Jimmie wants to ensure that every visitor is able to see them.

Here at Draper Farms, Jimmie often allows organizations, churches, certain parties, and events to be held on his property. Some events we have had the pleasure of hosting include, USDA Earth Day, PAMC class of 1956 reunion, Leadership Oklahoma, Leadership AG of Oklahoma and No Man's Land Historical Society meetings.

If you're interested in coming with a large group to see Jimmie's breathtaking collection at Draper Farms, contact us today. We’re here to take you back to a simpler time.