History of the Farm | Draper Farms Headquarters

Jimmie L. Draper was born on January 15, 1934 in Orlando, Oklahoma. He attended Marshall High School and graduated in 1952. Jimmie went on to attend Northern Oklahoma Junior College his Freshman year of college and graduated from Oklahoma Panhandle State in 1956.

After school Jimmie farmed acres of dry land and irrigated land in Oklahoma and the Texas Panhandles. He grew wheat, corn, sorghum, barley, cotton and sunflowers. In the late 1950's he started to build the museum and has been collecting antiques ever since, and is still collecting to this day.

The museum started off as just a Quonset and an office building, and has since expanded with 5 carports, an equipment barn, and 3 additional add-ons that measure out to 116' X 222' total.

Historical Museum in Guymon, OK | Draper Farms Headquarters